Bravery And Stupidity

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In today’s society, many people tend to act certain ways to gain attention from a certain crowd or individual to fit in. These ways or actions can be called “Bravery” or “Stupidity”. Both These Actions can be useful when needed, never the less hurtful to others when not needed. Therefore I have conducted numerous research, participated, witnessed and been around both of these actions for years. Continue reading below and I will list specific details, facts, real life experiences, and definitions about “Bravery” and “Stupidity”. Bravery is defined as:”The condition or quality of being brave”, some of us may refer to courage when referring to bravery. At most times “bravery” is considered to be a positive action if used the right way. Before being brave you first have to have “Courage”, without courage “Bravery” doesn’t exist to me. Courage is defined as: “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc”. Many people start to act brave when they are harmed by one another or their life is put in danger, however some people pretend to act brave in front of others so that they can be considered a “cool kid” or be known as the “class clown” so others won’t bully them. Being brave can be beneficial when needed and not beneficial when not needed. Stupidity is defined as:” lack of intelligence”, or 'being "stupid with grief. Many individuals tend to show stupidity when they see others acting a certain way that gains attention from a mass of people. After years of being around people who show “Stupidity”, I finally came up with a conclusion that others have not came up with yet. Most People seems to show Stupidity when they don’t care about themselves or other people feelings, showing “Stupidity” is not a good look for an individual most of the time because once you expose your “stupidity” side you are most likely to be judge by your

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