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Bravery Never Goes Out of Fashion Bravery, which is the act of being courageous in front of danger and having no regrets, has existed ever since prehistoric times till present day. In the olden days, especially men, along with women and children were almost brave all the time from sunrise to sunset. Young men displayed their bravery when they protected their people by serving in the army, which had many casualties and diseases. Women and children were brave when they did harsh chores in bad conditions. Bravery is least found in our society today, and when it is, recognition comes to play. In the book of Samurai’s Garden, the two characters, Sachi and Matsu illustrate their bravery and willingness to help others by helping those in need in or out of Yamaguchi, forgetting the past, and lastly standing up to their fears. Matsu, who is a very understanding and a quiet man, is known for building Yamaguchi from almost nothing. He was the one who built houses for people in need and also the one who put out fires in the village. His courageous actions are revealed when another character named Hiro talks about Matsu with Stephen, the main character. “In the beginning, we could not have survived without his help. He is the true kami of Yamaguchi, which is what must have brought him here today” (125). The conversation between Hiro and Stephen occurs after the fire that was doused with the help of Matsu, Stephen and the other residents of Yamaguchi. Hiro’s point proved that there were more fires that Matsu was aware of and without his help like that day, Yamaguchi would probably go extinct. Unlike Matsu, Sachi demonstrates her bravery when she steps out of Yamaguchi for the first in almost forty years to help out her two friends, Stephen and Matsu, who needed her companionship after a big storm. Although it was a difficult task for her, she overcame her fears and believes

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