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Many historical movies had been made about people or group of people and their accomplishments or in some cases mistakes. This does not mean that the directors and producers do not know about history. It is just that for their own benefit, the directors, storywriters, producers and other people change some historical facts and even the attitudes of the characters in order to stimulate public interest. One of the movies that has historical inaccuracies in it is the movie “Braveheart.” Even though the movie is somewhat accurate, it looks like the story-writer added some twists and turns to make it look interesting, without backing it up with accurate historical events. The historical inaccuracies in the movie “Braveheart” have several basic areas which include adding or deleting characters and inaccuracy regarding the lives and actions of historical figures. In addition to this, there also happens to be military inaccuracies as well as periods of time which the movie does not account and instead inserts fictional events to make the movie more entertaining rather than historically accurate. The first inaccuracy in the movie is about the character of William Wallace. In the movie, about his life, Wallace is introduced to the audience as a common man with very humble beginnings whose father was a farmer. In an article written by Emperor Barbosa, it says “However, he descended from a noble, Richard Wallace”. Another inaccuracy is that William’s wife’s name was not Murron but it was Marion Braidfute. Now it is believed that William’s wife was not killed in the way it was showed in the movie. There are many stories that historians think could be true. In the same article, it is written that “it is said that Wallace entered into a rebellion against the English because an English Sheriff of Lanark brutally killed Wallace’s wife. Another legend states something quite

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