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Braveheart By: Chris Bourbon Braveheart,written by Randall Wallace, is a highly fictionalized tale, about William Wallace, portrayed by Mel Gibson, and his fight to unite the 13th century Scots against the tyranny of King Edward the First, also known as Longshanks, played by Patrick McGoohan. Mel Gibson not only starred but also directed this five time Academy Award winning movie. Mel Gibson does a great job portraying William Wallace. Gibson is a powerful actor who always seems to bury himself deep into his character. John Toll was the director of cinemetography which is crucial throughout this film. The use of camera angles, camera speeds, and lighting really define Braveherart. Bagpipes and traditional Scottish music are also used to further define the movie. The movie was filmed in Ireland and Scottland, imersing its viewers even more into this epic tale. The dialogue further evolves this movie, making this a very believable story. Braveheart starts off with the camera zoomed out showing rolling hills, rivers and the beauitiful landscapes that are associated with Scotland. This gives us a sense of what the people of Scottland are fighting for. The King of Scottland dies without an heir to the throne. King Edward the First claims the throne of Scotland for himself. This enrages Scottish nobles who fight the King and each other for the crown. King Edward invites the Scottish nobles to discuss a truce. A young William Wallace follows his father and brother to a village where the truce was to take place only to find the entire village hung by the English in a barn. You notice the camera is now using close-up angles and dark lighting to represent sadness in the movie. Most of the actors were from Ireland and Scotland, keeping true to the dialogue of the time. Fed up with King Edward the First, William's father and brother coordinate a small

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