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The Historical Innacuracies in Braveheart......... The Film starts in 1280, with the king of Scots dead and Edward I having invaded Scotland and claiming the throne for himself.............In reality, King of Scots Alexander III was still alive and well in 1280, he did not die until 1286.Edward I did not impose himself on Scotland until 1290 when he was invited to judge on the claimants to the throne. Edward I never actually claimed the throne himself but after demanding all candidates for King recognise him as the supreme leader of Scotland, placed John Balliol on the Scottish throne to be used as a puppet king. Edward would strip Balliol of his crown in 1296 after the war between the Scottish and English breaks out. In the Film William Wallace’s father is Malcolm Wallace whom is later killed along with young William’s brother John, after which William’s uncle Argyle adopts the young boy.............. In reality, We now know that William Wallace’s father’s name was Alan Wallace, not Malcolm, and he would not have been killed when William was a boy, in fact he was likely alive when William was fighting his rebellion. William had a brother named Malcolm though, in addition to his brother John. His brother John Wallace however was not killed when William was a boy, he was executed by the English in 1306, a year after William’s execution. Uncle Argyle was a fictional character, although an uncle or two may have indeed help educate William as a boy. In the film, William Wallace returns to Scotland about 1296, a man, after years of being away, visiting Rome with his uncle etc.............In reality, Pure fiction, Wallace in all accounts grew up in Scotland and likely never left his native land at any point as a child or youth. In fact he likely never left Scotland until his invasion of Northern England in 1297. In the Film, Edward I grants prima-nocte in Scotland,

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