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Settlements Introduction Settlements are places where people live. They vary in size from the smallest (single buildings) to the largest (conurbations). Site and Situation The site of a settlement is where the settlement has been built. The situation of a settlement is where it is in compared with the surrounding area. Situation can also be described as whereabouts a settlement is. A nucleated settlement is where the buildings are grouped together. A linear shape is where the settlement has developed along a line. A dispersed settlement is where the buildings are spread apart Choosing a Site The site of a settlement is where the settlement has been built. There are a number of factors that were important to the original settlers. * Water supply - this needs to be fresh, clean and reliable * Building material - either stone or wood * Food supply - farmland and fishing grounds were important * Land for building - needs to be solid and unlikely to flood; best on low and flat land which is not marshy * Fuel supply - e.g. peat, wood or coal * Defensive site - a place that is difficult to attack because it is e.g. on top of a steep-sided hill. Functions of a Settlement The function of a settlement is its main economic activity or purpose. Types of functions include * Industrial Towns e.g. Sheffield * Ports e.g. Liverpool * Market Towns e.g. Kelso * Seaside Resorts e.g. Blackpool * Fishing Ports e.g. Peterhead * Dormitory Settlements e.g. Haddington Settlements which have the same function will have many of the same features, and these can be shown on amodel. Models are simplfied versions of the real thing, and allow you to compare a particular settlement with a typical one. Market Towns Market Towns tend to have the following features * Found in a fertile farming area * Many services e.g. shops

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