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Braveheart Assignment: What makes Braveheart, for you, a best ever movie? You may wish to refer to the film’s narrative, mis-en-scene, representations, sound track or special effects. Recently I have found, out of all the films I have seen ‘Braveheart’ has had biggest, emotional impact on me. ‘Braveheart’ has opened my eyes to the harsh, violent times of the 1300s. The director, Mel Gibson who also played ‘William Wallace’, tried to keep the film as realistic as possible by shooting the film in Scotland, using special effects and keeping to the same clothing that the Scots and English would have worn in the 1300s. ‘Braveheart’ won seven awards The films narrative is a particularly powerful one which grips you from the beginning to the end. Wallace. At a young age William Wallace sees a fellow clang hung in a barn. Then Wallace experiences the death of his brother and father by the hands of the same aggressor. After this he is taken away by his uncle where he learns to read and write. He return twenty years later and meets Murron, who he falls in love with instantly. The day of his wife’s death, William waited for his Murron at a secret hiding place and when he finds out she is not coming because she was killed, he takes the ways of the law into his own hands. When William becomes rebellious and leads the Scottish people to an uprising against the English government. William then begins to de-thrown all the kings in the English region. He loses all sense of inhibition while pursuing his desire to avenge his loved ones’ death and brings freedom to his people. In terms for the films mis-en-scene, or what you actually see on the screen, I think Gibson has created a convincing picture of what life was like in medieval Scotland. The locations he used were mainly hilly landscapes, vast grassy areas for the battle scenes and small settlements where little

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