Brave New World Rhetorical Analysis

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Keoni Taum Pd.3 03/12/13 Brave New World Synthesis Essay: Government Laws Brave New World is a fantastic book to read but is also, in some ways, the reflection of our present society. In the world or community of the book people are conditioned to perform certain jobs and act a certain way, certain things are looked down upon such as having children and other things are highly suggested and used such as soma; while in our world we have some opposites and a lot of similarities of their world, such as giving birth is a norm for us, but a lot of people do smoke marijuana, and in many ways people are conditioned from school and other government structures. Brave New World was or is supposed to seem like the utopian society where everything, especially people, are well…show more content…
This debate, article, and issue can easily relate to Brave New World by looking at how when something goes wrong in society, the government and most of its people quickly react to attempt to “fix”, as what they see is a problem, such as in BNW, having a real relationship, getting pregnant and having a child, not wanting to take soma, and thinking harshly about society and the government, the people of their society tell and/ or report those people to take soma to calm their mind and in certain extreme cases, they call the authorities to take you to see a psychiatrist, to find out what is wrong with you. No matter what you do or say they all believe that the solution is to treat the problem with soma and take it to see a psychiatrist, and like our government and some of our people they believe that in order to fix a problem or prevent one, they need to restrict the people and take a way or limit their freedom and

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