Brave New World Parallels Essay

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Brave New World Parallels Aldous Huxley’s tale, Brave New World, tells the story of a society trapped in their obsession for technology. In the futuristic London setting, people are forced to sacrifice individual freedoms and privacy in exchange for everlasting stability. There are many eerily accurate predictions to our modern lifestyle made throughout the course of the reading. At first, we viewed the problems that the protagonists of Brave New World encountered 80 years ago as just ink on sheets of Huxley’s paper, but now these fictional problems have become real issues that we as citizens of the United States are facing. In the heart of the Silicon Valley, the demand for people with degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) is clear. It seems as if everyone college student in the Bay Area has a start-up that needs an army of engineers ready to accelerate product growth. At the same juncture, we see a deep disgust for those with degrees in the liberal arts. This epidemic exists not just in the heart of the tech industry, but all over the United States, programmers who can code in Python now replace poets and philosophers. Freelance photographers are a dime-a-dozen with the rapid production of advanced (and affordable) digital cameras; and websites like YouTube have made theatre, archaic. Pablo Friere described the education system best when he stated that teachers are the depositors who dispense information into the students, who are the vessels. In return, the students become sponges for information that are unable to think critically, but rather just regurgitate whatever they have learned. While the D.H.C. regulated the recreational use of soma in London to induce a state of euphoria, the use of prescription drugs in modern medicine play the same role. Millions of Americans are dependent on prescription drugs, the demand for
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