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Brave New World Module C Essay Plus Related Text

  • Submitted by: RhiMarie
  • on September 25, 2015
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The effects of political acts on society and the individual, as explored in the novel Brave New World, are in fact a projection of the future underpinned by Aldous Huxley’s observations of the world around him. He uses conventions of science fiction intertwined with intertextual allusions to create a world that is simultaneously fantastical and connectable to both his own context and to ours. The novel explores societal roles by inverting expectations through politically motivated mass persuasion. Huxley presents a range of contrasting perspectives throughout the novel and employs narratives devices to articulate contrasting socio-political concepts in character interactions. Similarly, the BBC television program Yes Minister demonstrates tension between humanistic and pragmatic approaches within political institutions. Through the use of comedy and satire, the episode The Whiskey Priest exemplifies ethical sacrifice made in the pursuit of stability. In doing this, both Yes Minister and Brave New World make audiences reconsider the implications of actions motivated by political control and stability.
In Brave New World, Huxley presents the responder with perspectives of political and technological change in the early 20th century viewed through the lens of a science fiction and post-apocalyptic dystopia. Aldous Huxley wanted to raise social awareness, and felt the dystopian satire of Brave New World could “arouse in us such emotions that will make us want to examine our world and change them.” Huxley employs pseudo-scientific terms to build a sense of verisimilitude within Brave New World. In the opening scene, the director’s tour of the ‘hatchery’ is used to illustrate ‘the conditioning process’ and explain terms such as Alpha, Gamma and Beta as being groups within a society in the time period ‘After Ford’. This internal logic is incorporated to encourage the audience to accept the ‘World State’. Such terms also allude to Ford’s production line, scientific...

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