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Claiborne Potter B Period CP English 12/4/11 Allusions: Brave New World Aldous Huxley was a master of allusions. Which he used in Brave New World, an anti-utopian novel. The allusions to the Bible, history, and literature found in this novel help develop an overall understanding and message of Huxley’s novel for the reader. Maybe the least obvious of Huxley’s allusions are to the Bible. Although he never uses any scripture, Huxley uses many people and events as biblical symbols. John the Savage is a Christ figure in Brave New World. His name could arguably allude to John the Baptist, but his actions suggest that he is a symbol for Jesus. John escapes to the lighthouse at the end of the novel, beats himself badly, and stands with his…show more content…
Living in Europe under the rule of several communist dictators influenced Aldous Huxley’s writings greatly. His character Bernard Marx is strongly patterned after Karl Marx, the Father of Communism. Karl Marx deeply hated the caste system. He dreamed for a world with no classifications of people. Bernard Marx was an example of what Karl Marx despised about the system. Because he wasn’t as big as the other alphas which was his social caste, Bernard was made fun of and looked down upon. Both of these people were very discontent. Bernard was very discontent about his size, and Karl was discontent with society. Another historical allusion in Brave New World is one to Ivan Pavlov. He was a scientist who became famous for conditioning a dog to salivate at the sound of a bell. This strongly alludes to the conditioning of the people in the Brave New World. They were trained to love, fear, and hate whatever the Controllers chose. They were also trained not to reproduce. The Malthusian belts that the women wore in the novel are directly related to Thomas Malphus. He wrote a pamphlet warning that the population would outfrow the food supply in the future. These belts were named after him because they held contraceptives that the women

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