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Christian Le Clainche Professor Williams HUM 2250 March 16, 2009 Brave New World Through out the history of human civilization, there has always been conflict. Wars have ravished this earth, and millions of innocent people have died. The ever-present greed of mankind leads to the destruction of its own people. This is the way human civilization will always be, no matter how advanced we get or how peaceful we become, the battle for world power will always continue. Aldous Huxley challenges the nature of human civilization in his book “Brave New World.” In this book he explores the idea of what life would be like if humans lived in a Utopian Society. In Huxley’s Utopian Society, the people are considered to be happy, but in reality they are nothing more then genetically engineered beings that are controlled in every aspect of their existence. In the beginning of chapter sixteen, the characters Helmholtz, Bernard, and Savage, are brought in to a room to meet with the Controller. They have been accused of committing a crime, and the Controller is going to hear their case and decide what their fate should be. While the three men are waiting in the room, Bernard seems to distance himself from the others. He is very upset and expects the Controller to punish them all very harshly. When the Controller enters the room, he introduces himself to the three men as Mustapha Mond. The first person that the Controller addresses is Savage, “So you don’t much like civilization, Mr. Savage,” he said. At first Savage was going to lie to the Controller, but after seeing the “good-humoured intelligence of the Controller’s face, he decided to tell the truth.” He shook his head and said, “No.” Savage’s character seems to be searching for a deeper meaning in his life. He has read the literary classics of

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