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Brave New World Essay A perfect life, there no such thing as a perfect life, in Brave New world the ultimate goal is to achieve efficient, productivity and safety. These are thing that are very reasonable for a society to have but, to sacrifice ones freedoms and individuality for all of this is more or less, unimaginable. Brave New World pushes the limits of mans quest for perfection, it brings to light a side of human behavior which is considered now as “taboo”. The Brave New World explains a sort of utopia which is self destructive, it rules itself around perfection and promiscuity and also vanity. The create human to where they can conform only to the order in which their world requires and if any less they are removed and segregated to another part of their world and called savages. These people in the utopia have no sense of freedom or individuality mean they are like “robots” set to do whatever they are told. Now taking these things away from them in order to create a society where everything is said to be perfect, ruins the essence of humanity. It makes man weak and subjective, turns them it thing and not humans. This world gives control to those who it dubs worthy to rule which is like a dictatorship in a way. So the balance between freedom and individuality is gone from their society. Freedom is defined as immunity from an obligation or duty which means a person gives up all their ability to do things for themselves, which leads to the giving up of once individuality which is the distinct personality of a person regarded as a persisting entity. These thing are what makes us who we are and makes each and every man and woman unique and build who they are, giving up these things is like giving up your, right to be on this earth. Brave New World is a stretch in that it shows the weakness of humans without Freedom and Individuality; these people have

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