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The Differences in the Pursuit July 26, 1894 was the date that author, philosopher, and societal genius, Aldous Huxley first came into the world. Based off his ancestry, Huxley was born into England’s intellectual aristocracy. He wrote many influential novels during his lifetime, but his most profound and insightful novel is Brave New World. It is in this story that Aldous expresses his very pessimistic view of society and human nature. Despite some disturbing aspects of the book, Brave New World is one of his most enduring and powerful works. During part of his life, Huxley experimented with mind-altering drugs, one of them being LSD. LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is a very powerful hallucinogenic drug that produces a temporary schizophrenic psychotic state. Huxley claimed that the drugs gave him the same effect that spiritual people claim to get through meditation and prayer. . Julian Huxley, brother to the author, once said that, “One of Aldous’s main preoccupations was how to achieve self-transcendence while yet remaining a committed social being—how to escape from the prison bars of self and the pressures of here and now into realms of pure goodness and pure enjoyment.” That “preoccupation” that Julian speaks about is, in actuality, Huxley’s individual pursuit of happiness. Through his drug use and writing he was searching for something even bigger than the immediate gratification that the drugs provided him with, for something more than the satisfaction he received from writing a new novel. Aldous Huxley was searching for a personal revelation; he was trying to achieve the ultimate feeling of contentment. This quest for overall happiness is something that all of human nature has in common. In Brave New World, Huxley describes a futuristic dystopia, based in London, England, in which the government is all-powerful. This country, the Brave New World, is

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