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Jeremiah Brown Mr. Raposa English 1302 5/8/2012 Themes in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley In Huxley’s Brave new World, there are a number of themes that are quite prevalent throughout the novel. According to Varricchio (p.98) among the main themes presented in the book is that of science and its effect humanity. In his book, Huxley seems to be of the opinion that there are numerous dangers that come along with possible misuse of science such as psychology, biology as well as physiology in the quest for achieving identity and stability in the community. In an ironic twist, Huxley also narrates that complete control and authority over humanity in the World State has led to destruction of certain progresses and changes that science has brought with it. To illustrate this theme, Huxley demonstrates that some of the major areas that technology has brought immense changes are in areas pertaining to medicine as well as reproduction. In particular, Huxley presents a number of the controversial technologies such as the removal of the ovaries through surgical means among other biological processes. The people of New World are on the opposing of medical procedures such as the Soma, an example of biological and medical technologies. In addition, Huxley has not left out the contribution of science and technology in the creation and subsequent innovation of controversial machines meant for recreational purposes. Ironically, such machines have also been associated with certain side effects on the people of New World. For instance, the machines have been associated with creation of a high dependence and consumption level on such drugs and machines, which has consequently led to the formation of a world whose stability is based on such technologies. On the other hand, Huxley also highlights on the major variations that exists between technology

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