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The Brave New World is an unsettling, loveless and sinister place. It is the epitome of the fabled Dystopia, where the society is as corrupt as those controlling it, disguised as a perfect community. The psyche of this society and its creators are arduous to comprehend. This is complete paradise engineering, yet it is everything but. In the beginning, the cognition works, yet the seams of this perfect creation are loosening as time progresses. It makes readers wonder if this is where we are headed, perhaps in the near future, and should frighten us all to look in the mirror and reject the sin within us that will confine us to this shell of insanity. We will be Lenina Crowne, who represents our supposed engineering. We will become Bernard Marx, who is the purgatory between the heaven of surrealism and the Hell of reality. We are doomed to die as an ill-fitted John Savage, who is thrown into such turmoil that it becomes humanly impossible to convince oneself that this is how we should be. We will proverbially kill ourselves should this arise. John is fed up with the way society was in the Brave New World, and it drove him to suicide. The mere thought of the polyamorous dysfunctional existence within this falsely monotheistic mass-produced Ford-worshipping society was enough to make John feel as though he needed to remove himself from it. Even in his martyrdom, the society stays as it was. This is what makes the thickness of the plot and theme is so captivating and immovable. The Pavlovian conditioning will be so unbreakable that we will be doomed to exist as an engineered social disorder. From Huxley’s novel and perspective, we are controlled by our own insecurities and shortcomings, so we destroy ourselves. Yet, we are still as insecure, enough to make others just as miserable. The Brave New World does not offer extrovertical opportunity, but instead fosters

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