Brannigan Foods Case Study

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BRANNIGAN FOODS STRATEGIC MARKETING PLANNING IE Business School Juan Manuel Restrepo Davies Mª Concepción Aragonés Cabeza IE Business School PROBLEM STATEMENT Bert Clark, vice-­‐president and general manager of Brannigan Food Soup’s Division, has to decide which of the four alternative plans his team members have proposed should be implemented in order to reverse the industry’s steady decline as well as the division’s sales, market share, and profitability decrease for the last three years. He has to move the division’s growth back to a 3-­‐4% at the end of the fiscal year. ANALYSIS OF THE SITUATION Company: Brannigan is a company that has been operating for over 100 years. It has a Soup Division which has experienced a decrease in its profitability and needs to create a new strategy to stop the declining sales and market share it has been experiencing. It is important to highlight that the soup division is the cash cow (according to the Boston Consulting Group product matrix) of Brannigan Foods, reaching up to

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