Brands Can Be Expected to Last Forever Essay

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In my point of view, I definitely against the statement topic. According to Wikipedia, a brand is a term, name, design, symbol or other component that recognize one merchant’s item from those of others. There are many brands that last for more than 100 years, for example beer company Budweiser, beverage industry Cola-cola, Ford Motor Company and so on. The main reasons they survive and flourish is that they have an unmistakable vision, technique, and right execution with persistent development. These industries should have their strategy to last for a long period. Without customers, those brands won’t survive without a doubt. A successful company knows whether which concepts should be implemented. Hence, companies must first select the customers to serve and also carry out their marketing strategies. From the production concept in 1930s to the societal marketing concept in recent years, these companies grow and find out about their weaknesses to improve and change their quality to serve their customers with better goods and services. Obviously, company that apply marketing concept can achieve a win-win situation for the company and the consumers. If company can understand the needs of the target market and delight the customers then for sure the company will have a huge chance to last longer. In such case, let’s use Apple as an example. Apple is a company that develops, designs, and sells computer software, consumer electronics and online services. They actually collect the feedback of their users to make improvement on their next generation of their gadgets. “One of the keys to Apple is that we build products that really turn us on” (Jobs, 2008). Apple always surprised their users when they released a new generation of gadgets, no matter it is IPhone, IPod or MacBook. The delightful of the customers will give Apple a long run in the market and establish for a very

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