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Brands can be seen from everywhere in society. Brands are used to differentiate from other products. However, it is more than brands in the modern world. Branding can have the many positive impacts and the negative impacts in the society. Some people buy the brand cars, clothes to belong part of the group, having brands can change the personal image and the way they present and even their personal beliefs and values. There are growing disputes in regards to society’s well being due to branding. This essay will examine what the evidences are to support an opinion of the growing focus on branding and explore the socially beneficial and harmful aspects of branding. Many of us are realizing the importance of branding due to the benefits of the business, globalization and advertising. Branding can have a negative impact on the society because they can influence and control our buying behavior from an early age to later in life. Despite the negative impact, it is argued that there are number of evidences to support why branding can have a positive impact on the society and the people. The reasons are to have a quality service or product, to bring wealth to the society and people together. There has been a growing awareness of branding because of its impact on the business in the modern world due to the globalization and the advertising and the fact that organizations are acknowledging the benefits of having a brand. We are living in the world where we can not live without brands in our society. If we go to any places, we can see people wearing brand clothes, shops are selling brand products, from foods to any products that we want to have are brands. Companies are even trying to turn people into brands and make their products into brands, while countries are doing it to build pleasant and comprehensible image associated with brands (The Economist 2001, p.

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