Branding of Telenor Easy Paisa Essay

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MARKETING STRATEGY A CASE STUDY ON BRANDING STRATGEY OF EASYPAISA Submitted By: Mohammad Badar Siddiqi Shahid Iqbal Atif Hussain Ammar Akram Qureshi Fahad Ahmad Afaq Ahmed Fahad Salahuddin Submitted To: Mr. Najeeb Agrawala Date of submission: 05-01-2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary3 Situation Analysis4 About the Brand Easypaisa5 About Telenor Pakistan5 About Tameer Bank Pakistan6 Branding Theory With Reference to EASYPAISA 7 Branding of Easypaisa13 Financial Services13 Mobile Banking14 Branding Activities15 Brand Value Evaluation15 SWOT Analysis15 Competitive SWOT Analysis (vs. UBL OMNI)16 Challenges17 Recommendations18 Conclusion18 Glossary19 References19 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY SITUTATION ANALYSIS “It was so hard few years back to pay our bills and take out cash from our bank account without getting toiled out. But thanks to EASYPAISA, all this is just a matter of moving my fingers and thumb on my cell phone”, says a customer at a Telenor’s franchise. The unique brand in Easypaisa, as they say “Badlay zindagi asani se” or changing lives with ease, has actually made a lot of difference in people’s lives who want to make money transaction of any sort. And it’s not just those people who own a bank account; it’s also the ones who haven’t visited any bank in their entire life. In this study, we will touch upon the concept of branding, see some best practices and then look at the branding strategy employed by Easypaisa, the challenges they faced, which turned out to be opportunities during different phases of the process and the way forward in making the brand much more successful than it is today. COMPANY ANALYSIS ABOUT THE BRAND EASYPAISA Welcome to the world of convenience!! Easypaisa, the largest branchless banking service in Pakistan offers the most convenient access to financial

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