Branding And Positioning In Hong Kong Fast-Food C Essay

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City University of Hong Kong FB5601, Principles of Marketing Semester A, 2005/2006 Marketing Concept Study Branding and positioning in Hong Kong fast-food chain industry Group 5 Adelt, Marco 50699899 Chiu, Kwong Wai 50538490 Hung, Sandy 95475027 Lai, Glory 50329692 Lee, Chrisce 50439309 Wong, Louisa 50651763 [pic] Table of Content Abstract 1. Introduction 4 2. The conceptual study - literature review on marketing concept 6 2.1 Branding and positioning 6 2.2 Brand positioning framework 9 3. The managerial study – selected cases from Hong Kong chain restaurant 11 3.1 Survey on Hong Kong chain restaurant industry 11 3.2 Case 1 – Pizza Hut 15 3.3 Case 2 – McDonald 21 3.4 Case 3 – Café de Coral 26 3.5 Case 4 – Fairwood 31 4. Conclusion and Implication 36 5. Appendix 41 6. References 42 Abstract Brand positioning identifies a brand’s position in the market. It is the way a company positions itself to serve a particular group of customer. Especially in service market, it is an important topic because brand positioning is the way a company wishes consumers to remember their company services. It is a crucial determinant affecting customers’ perception before they consume. In this project, we are interested to know the importance of regular brand positioning in fast food chain industry in Hong Kong. These fast food chain industries had been facing a “dark” period during the SARS[1] in 2003. They re-define their brand position in the market in order to provide a new experience for customers after the “dark” period. Also we will show how these chain restaurants make strategic decision on their marketing

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