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Name: Noel Harrington Student I.D: 13124978 Module Code: MK4002 Lecturer: Maurice Patterson Course of Study: English and History Trace the depiction of marketing phenomena in a novel of your choice and outline what you believe this tells us about marketing and/or consumer society. Throughout the course of this essay I aim to discuss the depiction of marketing phenomena in Roald Dahl’s famous novel, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. The epic children’s tale tells us of how young Charlie Bucket, who came from a lower class family, wins the prize of his dreams and is awarded with the opportunity of visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Various aspects of marketing phenomena are weaved through the narrative of the text. In the novel the “Wonka” brand is recognised by consumers internationally. It was always the most favourable brand of chocolate on the confectionary market until it eventually failed to compete with other brands in the market place and was forced to close down for several years. Years before the time the novel is set, the brands main factory reopened its doors. A worldwide competition was later launched and five golden tickets were placed in random “Wonka” chocolate bars. This was a very effective marketing strategy as it would prove to boost the brand’s sales in chocolate bars. For this reason, the two forms of marketing phenomena I aim to explore throughout the essay are “branding” and “market segmentation”. Branding is one of the main marketing phenomena depicted in the text. Branding is the most esoteric of marketing strategies and the hardest of the five pillars of marketing to grasp (Titens 2014). In the novel the “Wonka” brand of chocolate is recognised all over the world by consumers and has a unique and sustainable brand identity which is vital for brand positioning in the market place. A secure brand should have a rich,

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