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John F. Gaski defines branding as a “name, term, design, or symbol… that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (2010). Brands or “branding” has been used many times in history. Whether it is from the Egyptians marking symbols on their products to cowboys using a branding iron on their cattle (Gaski, 2010). These days, the word “brand” is used to refer to branded products and not necessarily the “name, term, design, or symbol” (Gaski, 2010). An example of this would be saying Coca-Cola is your favorite brand. Is Coca-Cola your favorite name, term, design, or symbol? In this situation, brand is sort of a slang term referred to the term “branded product”. There are several types of branding: family branding and individual branding. Family branding is “the practice of marketing a whole line of company products under the same brand name” (Schiffman, 2010). Family branding has subcategories as well: blanket family and separate family. Gaski describes blanket family as “a unitary brand name, typically the corporate name, for all products in the assortment” while describing separate family as “a different name for each of several groups” (2010). A good example of family branding would be Apple. You would see the Apple brand logo on all of their products signifying that the product is from their company. Their phones, computers, laptops, and tablets are all under Apple which makes it a blanket family but yet their products have different names like iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac, Macbook, etc. which makes it a separate family as well. The second type of branding is individual branding which Gaski describes as “a unique name for each product item, occasionally called ‘house of brands’” (2010). An example of individual branding or “house of brands” would be the Kellogg’s company. They have a bunch of different products with unique names

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