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1. Describe the firm’s production mix. The firm’s product mix or assortment is everything that the firm makes and offers as a services or products. Take Target are Wal-Mart all the products that they have to offer or sell is called products mix. Also Target’s brand Up & Up, which include dish soap, detergent, house hold community, diapers, etc is called product line. Then there is breadth, which is how many different product lines a firms has, for example Target, has Xhileration, Up &Up, Market Panty, etc. then there is Depth, such as Coke, Coke Zero, Raspberry Coke, etc. 2. What brand elements are used to create the Apple iPad or Microsoft surface brand? Post images, or links to, the brand elements. Brand element include brand name: Apple and Microsoft. URLs or domain names; these are internet sources that offers substitutes (Amazon). Logos and symbol: Apple’s (bitten apple picture), Microsoft 4 colors Yellow, red green and blue. Characters, like cartoon characters: Tony the Tiger for frosted flakes. Slogan: “Be what’s next”- Microsoft. Jingle the music they play for Microsoft at the begin or end of the commercial. 3. How does the brand add value for Apple or Microsoft? Brand names can impact the market value. Depending on how good the product can communicate its name to the consumer public can increase its value. Such as, Microsoft had made a better awareness of its brand to consumers’ perception than that of Acer. Also even though the Microsoft prices are dramatically higher than Acer, consumer will continue to buy Microsoft over Acer because their perception of Microsoft is better, consumers will likely be more loyal than to Microsoft over Acer’s products. So it depends on how the consumers respond to the brand’s communications that add value to it. 4. How does the brand add value for customers? Brand value is by

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