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How are the Kardashians so famous? The answer is simple, they have marketed their name in such a way that it has become a huge brand. In today’s world everything and everyone is a brand in its own type of way. I myself am a brand. My brand includes my specialty, my service, my audience and how I will manage it. Personal branding is important if you want to be able to build the best possible version of yourself to achieve success. When first building your brand you need to determine who you are. Within this you will recognize your strengths and notable traits. I am self-disciplined because I set goals, am self-motivated to get things done without procrastinating. Personally I am not one of those individuals that likes the pressure. I enjoy getting it done earlier and not having to stress about it. A lot of assignments I have are due every week so I set aside days to complete these assignments ahead of time, unless something comes up that prevents that. Teamwork has always been a specialty of mine ever since elementary school when my teachers would commend me for working well with others. In college I have had a lot of group work and when we filled out our group evaluations at the end of the semester they were always positive and highlighted how well we worked together. Over the years it has improved due to the various types of projects and people I had to work it. As for persistence, just ask my father. Seriously though when I want something I will work hard for it. Once you determine who you are you can then determine what you do. This includes identifying your personal values. People can have a lot of values but the idea is to recognize the ones most important to you. For myself the top three would be family, well-being, and professional growth. Family is like the motivators of all motivators. A lot of people plan on making a family of their own in the future

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