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Brand Management Individual Assignment Topic: Dalda Submitted To: Submitted By: Prof. Rajeev Kamble Udayan Bhattacharjee Section: D2E Roll No. : 2014309 PGDM (2014-2016) Introduction: Dalda is one of India’s iconic brands, acquired by Bunge India Private Limited in 2003 from Unilever. It is a heritage of trust handed down over generations. Dalda's name has been part of millions of households across India for the past 75 years as a result of its premium quality and adherence to high quality standards, while being nutritive and uncompromising on taste and aroma. Dalda uses Bunge’s international technology and expertise to successfully make available Dalda's range of refined and taste oils in the Indian market. Early 20th Century: Origins Dutch traders bring hydrogenated vegetable fat to India, which proved to be a success in the Indian market. 1930’S: INCEPTION Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company (present day Hindustan Unilever Limited) set up a factory in Sewri (today's Greater Mumbai). 1937: MAKING OF A BRAND Dalda brand established to sell Vanaspati, the name ‘Dalda’ rooted in its Dutch ancestry. In those days, it was imported by the Dutch company, Dada & Co, and when the brand was

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