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Topic: Brand Repositioning a) Publication source: Manicapost 10 October 2014 b) Tittle of the article: Share a Coke campaign hits Zim c) Provide one sentence discussion of the company and the brand strategy presented on the article Coca-cola is a global company or brand which produces various types of beverages. The article presents brand repositioning. What does the company hope to accomplish Coca cola hoped to try and give as many people the opportunity to experience their unique campaign and remind people that Coca-cola is all about sharing happiness. With this in mind, they have not only introduced popular names, they have also introduced family packs denoting sharing occasions with family, friends and loved ones. The company also wanted to get people talking about Coca-cola and get them connected with the brand. d) One brand strategy does the company hope to accomplish e) The reasoning behind your opinion of why the strategy will or will not work YES The ‘share a coke' campaign involved replacing the usual branding with 300 of the Zimbabwe's most popular names. The success of the campaign lies in offering an affordable personalised product that exists in the real and virtual world Background of the campaign In the last few months there has been a growing trend for friends and colleagues to spam Twitter, Facebook and whatsapp feeds with pictures of Coca-Cola bottles and cans. As you probably already know, the world's largest beverage company had replaced its usual branding with 300 of the Zimbabwe's most popular names. Each of these carried the hashtag #shareacoke to encourage users to promote the brand online. The campaign was originally trialled in Australia in 2011 and produced some impressive results. Young adult consumption increased significantly, up by 7%. The campaign also earned a total of

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