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Table of Contents CHAPTER V – SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION 2 5.1. Introduction 2 5.2. Summary of the Study 2 5.3. Addressing the Research Question/ Conceptual Model 2 5.4. Key finding discussion 3 5.5. Limitation of Research 4 5.6. Future Research 4 5.7. Conclusion 4 CHAPTER V – SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION 5.1. Introduction Previously, chapter IV has brought out the analysis and discussion of six selected journal articles in the attempts to respond to the research questions. Following the previous chapters, this chapter focuses on the summary and conclusion of the whole paper which provides a more generalized point of view towards the research’s objectives. However, there are some limitations of the research that needed to be improved. Those limitations will also be described in this chapter with regard to future studies. 5.2. Summary of the Study The six articles collected to be analyzed in the research (Ghodeswar (2008), Romaniuk, Sharp and Ehrenberg (2007), Malik et al (2012), Chi, Yeh and Yang (2009), Malik et al (2013) and Zhang (2015)) focus on the impact of different constituents of brand on the current and future purchase decisions of the customers. The key findings of the studies cover three aspects of branding which includes brand identity, brand awareness and brand image. The relationship between these three determinants with the customers’ purchasing decisions is proved to be persuasively positive. Key findings of the studies to provide evidences for the conceptual model will be presented carefully in the next section. 5.3. Addressing the Research Question/ Conceptual Model The main objective of this research is to discuss the extent to which brand could influence the current as well as future purchasing decisions of customers. In order to address this research

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