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Running Head: Starbucks Marketing Plan Proposal GB530 Marketing Management: Starbucks Marketing Plan Proposal GB530 Heather Conley March 19, 2013 Starbucks Marketing Plan Proposal Upon careful consideration, I have decided to create a marketing plan proposal as an addition to Starbucks’ already-existing line of products. In fact, the product I have chosen for my project is an extension to their already-existing line of drinks sold outside of their independent stores, with a designated target of retail stores (ex. Wal-Mart, Albertson’s, etc). This new product will be called “Starbucks Refreshers.” Refreshers will be a product similar to that of Mio, Kool-Aid, and Crystal Light. The difference between this product and others previously mentioned is that Starbucks will sell drink mixes to be added to water, targeting flavors not already in existence, with Strawberry Lemonade to be the first flavor produced and sold. The end goal will be to sell energy drinks and coffee flavored water enhancers (similar to iced coffee). According to Kotler, a line extension can be defined as, “the parent brand covers a new product within a product category it currently serves, such as with new flavors, forms, colors, ingredients, and package sizes,” (Keller, Kotler, 2012, p. 260). In the case of Starbucks, they already offer drink products, to include energy drinks such as flavored coffees, mochas, frappes, etc. “Refreshers” would be an extension to an already-existing line of drinks currently offered by the organization. I will acquire sufficient information about Starbucks and other rival companies in the drink enhancement market via articles and an extensive internet search. There is quite a bit of marketing information produced for public consumption in this particular market. Finding statistics and facts to support this product line should not be a

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