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Research Outline * Research Title “The Factors and Assesses BBN Brand Equity” * Background Information Previously there were only 2 main nutrition food products in the market, bird’s nest and chicken essence. The big players being Scotch from Scotch Industrial (Thailand) and Brands' from Cerebos (Thailand). For the past few years there have been introduction of many new nutrition food products such as mushroom essence, fruit essence, collagen drink, co enzyme Q10 drink, etc. Furthermore, regular food products have followed the nutrition conscious trend to add nutrition such as vitamins and collagen into their products. Despite the introduction of alternative products, the bird's nest market is still growing by 10% this year. From this information, we can assume that the bird's nest product has benefited from the nutrition conscious trend. However, we are experiencing limited growth due to the introduction of alternative products. Therefore, a research will be beneficial for us to make the decision of product improvement or product repositioning to maximize its profits. * Research Objectives 1. To determine the assessment of Brand Birds’ Nest Equity under the concept of 2. To understand the most important factors in evaluating image which leading to the brand loyalty. 3. To see the relationship between advertising, quality, promotion, image and health provide by goodwill drink to the brand awareness. 4. To define the relationship between price and perceived quality 5. To define the feeling, experience and attitudes toward leading brand relevant in BBN * Research Methodology Method of Administering Quantitative Method by questionnaire “Brand Assessment Questionnaire” Sampling Method 200 respondents that consider with Birds’ Nest buyers or consumers Respondent Criteria * All genders

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