Brands Cannot Be Expected To Last Forever

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Individual Assignment - Marketing Topic 2 Brands cannot be expected to last forever In my opinion, brands can be expected to last forever. Therefore, I am against the statement of brands cannot be expected to last forever. Brand, to a Layman, it can be a name, term, sign, symbol or also a combination of these, that identifies the products or services of marketer that differentiate them from other competitors. Since roughly 90 years ago, there are brands that still last till today’s world. For example, Coca-Cola, Johnson and Johnson and Rolex. After doing research, in my opinion, to maintain a brand in market, these brand has to know how to brand, have a strategic brand planning, have their strategy in attracting customer and hold on to their customers, and also ways to satisfy…show more content…
Coca-Cola also has its position for their brand which is to focus on the market. The personality of Coca-Cola is inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun. Coca-Cola also stated its benefit as a beverage in its website which is non-nutritive sweeteners. It also has an uncompromising commitment to product safety and quality. The value of Coca-Cola is leadership, collaboration, integrity, accountability, passion, diversity and quality. All its vision, mission, value and other interesting facts that help its brand to last till today is all stated clearly in the website. Therefore, having a strategic brand planning, brands can be expected to last forever. 2 Besides that for a brand to ensure that it will last forever, it needs to have strategy in attracting customers. Before a company attracts its customer, a company has to know who their targeted customer is. A company can attracts its customer by advertising on their product and

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