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Brand Advocacy Essay

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How to grow brand advocacy in digital?
How to measure brand advocacy?
Where do you find them? You find them online — on Facebook, blogs, and Twitter. You will know the brand advocates by their repeated conversations about you and your products or services. These are the folks that make social media worthwhile.
How do you recognize and reward them? You need to join the conversation. Be open and genuinely interested. Compliments go far. Gifts work but make sure it's relevant. Recently, a brand I’ve been working with contacted me and asked for my snail mail address. “We want to send you something special,” they told me. I was intrigued. In a few weeks, I received my special gift — it was product with my pet’s picture on it. Was I over the moon impressed? You bet! Am I a brand advocate now? You bet!
How do you measure value and involvement? There are a plethora of tools available that answer the questions: How many pageviews does Cathy get on her blog? How many Facebook friends does she have? What about Twitter? Find them and use them. Don’t think the fan or follower numbers are all that’s important, however. Look at the big picture.

Spending levels
Conversation rates
Recommendation rates
The Online Promoter Score (OPS) is a methodology that was created by MotiveQuest in 2005 to help brand owners measure the effect of their marketing on consumer advocacy (recommendation) for their brands. It was the first metric based on online word of mouth (OWOM) to show a correlation between online advocacy and sales, as documented by Forrester in a recently published book titled Groundswell.
The Online Promoter Score measures the number of individuals who are advocating (promoting, recommending) their brand and separates these individuals from and other brands that they might like but not advocate. It also measures the changes in the number of brand advocates over time.
  * How To Identify Existing Advocates
      * Immerse yourself in the social web
        * Be...

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