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Branches of Philosophy Essay

  • Submitted by: tafshanaz
  • on October 28, 2013
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Philosophy and education share a relationship that can best be described as mutually integral. It is through philosophy that educators reflect on key issues and concepts in education. Questions on what is knowledge, what should be taught and how it is to be taught are all answered through philosophy. The philosophy of education overlaps in the area of study of both, the various branches of philosophy and of education. This exposition seeks to discuss some of the branches of philosophy namely, epistemology, axiology, metaphysics, logic and ethics, and showing their relevance to education. Some key terms will first be defined.
Barker (1986) defines Philosophy as one’s view of the world. According to this definition, in a sense, everyone is a philosopher. Socrates, in Akinpelu (1981) rightly asserts that an unexamined life is not worth living. Philosophy analyses and evaluates human knowledge,beliefs,actions,activities,assumptions,arguments and concepts in a bid to clarify them Barker(1986) postulates that education is the process of learning that enables one to acquire all the skills, behaviors, knowledge, values, and norms, which are considered worthwhile in the society in which one belongs. Plato in Akinpelu (1981) defines education as the process of turning the eye or the soul from darkness to light; leading a person from the dark cave of ignorance into a limelight of knowledge. Philosophy of education, as Siegel (2009) defines it, is that branch of philosophy that addresses philosophical questions concerning the nature, aims and problems of education. Philosophy of education therefore is a philosophic approach towards all the problems, issues and controversies that beset the sphere of education (Barker, 1986).As such, philosophy of education deals with the study of education, it tries to understand and explain the nature and need of education, methods in which it can be done, and what its ideals should be. It also deals with finding the best ways to impart...

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