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Brainwashing: 1984 Essay

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  • on November 16, 2010
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Elizabeth Williams
Honors English 12
Brainwashing: 1984

In 1984 the party had complete totalitarian control over the citizens of Oceania. All of the current events, political figures, and even daily schedules were determined and changed by the government. Nothing was ever accounted for as what it truly was. Everything that we fight for today such as freedom of speech were raped from the liberties of all of the citizens. This was achieved by means of brain washing.
The fear of brainwashing came about around World War II when there were many anti-communist as well as prejudice feelings. During this time when American prisoners were captured by Korea, it was believed that they were subjected to this form of torture. Some prisoners actually denounced their citizenship and took on Communist ideals, this makes many weary as to what brought on this great change that would abruptly cause someone to change their mind to something much more radical. Many people thought that while they were held captive, the Korean officials used methods of brainwashing to carry out their agendas.
Brainwashing does not only occur in times of war but also in everyday modern society. The media, including things we watch on TV and read in the newspaper influence us on what to sometimes to believe, wear, or act like. No matter whether or not we live in 2010 or 1984, there are always going to be influences surrounding us. Part of being you is deciding what you choose to believe or not. There is not a soul on this earth that can determine that for you.

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