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Julian Peoples Brainstorming “The Storm” Analyzing Plot Choose one moment in the plot of a story that is either the pivotal moment in which the action rises, climaxes, falls, or concludes. Write an essay in which you argue that this moment or event is pivotal to the story’s central conflict (theme). The pivotal moment is where Alcee’s arms encircled her. * What central conflicts drive the plot? The fact that Calixta wants to relive a time in her life with Alcee, when she knows it would be adultery. * Are they internal (within a character) or external (between characters or between a character and a force)? At first internal with Calixta because she seeing Alcee riding up on his horse and the memories of them to fall into play. Externally storm is symbolic to the sexual tension built up inside of these two married people. When the storm is gone so is the sexual contact Alcee then rides off and Calixta smiles and laugh as if it was not a big deal. * How are conflicts resolved? Why are events revealed in a particular order? "The Storm": More Than Just a Story Joanna Bartee In the short story "The Storm" by Kate Chopin, the two main characters, Calixta and Alcee, had a flirtation several years before the story takes place, but each made a more suitable marriage to someone else and they have not seen each other since. In the present when the action takes place they are reliving that time when their passion was at its climax. This, essentially, is what the story seems to be about at the surface. Underneath the surface, there is a deeper and a larger meaning. "The Storm" helps to define the sexual standards and restraints of the late nineteenth century while also making a statement about humans’ natural tendency towards sexual passion. Chopin begins to illustrate this sexual restraint of the time by using the title "The Storm." When thought of in

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