The Brain Wash Essay

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The Brain Wash There is no doubt the television set is a central part of our culture. It is a powerful medium that reaches out to nearly every person in the country. However, the influence that television has on adolescents can cause some serious consequences on a child’s growing mind. One problem is that it may cause A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder). The disorder is described as having problems with paying attention and being hyperactive. This disorder can lead to noticeable conflicts at school, with social skills, and at the workplace. Another negative effect of T.V. is its violent and explicit images that can dramatically change how a child behaves and perceives their actions. Viewing the tube is a mindless activity that requires no thought or interaction from the viewer. The viewer just lays back and is drilled with images in a zombie like state, and it also takes away precious time from actual and productive activities. This is why some people say that you should “kill your T.V.” and do something productive. More than ever, we are all exposed to examples of remarkable beauty, inconceivable wealth, and models with significant power and influence. In some other countries such as South Korea beauty is recognized and admired so much that the media in the society urges young women and even men to get plastic surgery on oneself. In Korea society makes beauty seem so important. That if you are not beautiful and flawless you won’t get married into a good family and have a wealthy husband. Another negative affect that the television has on children is some of the explicit images that they are exposed to. T.V. violence and the media have a big and bad influence in children’s behavior. Attention Deficit Disorder also known as A.D.D. is defined with being inattentive (being off in your own world and not paying attention to what someone else is saying) and

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