Brain Tumors Essay

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Fact: Scientists are working hard to learn what causes brain tumors and how to make them stop growing. Right now, scientists are focusing on the DNA inside tumor cells, most brain tumors seem to have an abnormal chromosome somewhere in their DNA - How this happens is not yet known. I’m interested in learning about brain tumors because a brain tumor took the life of a very close friend of mine and It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to let go. However that’s the circle of life, scientists do know that nothing you think, say or do can cause a brain tumor and you can’t “catch” a brain tumor from someone else. Everybody knows that your brain or a brain is a very special and important organ to the body. Centered in your brain are your actions, thoughts, works and your feelings. Its so complex I don’t think we’ll ever be able to fully understand the brain. However everyone should know that every part of the brain has a very specific and special function. Each part helps contribute to the functioning of the body. The location of a tumor in the brain has different factors, affecting an individuals functioning of their body and whichever symptoms the tumor is making the individual go through. Some simple symptoms an individual may go through could vary from a headache to a stroke. It all depends on the location of an individuals brain tumor. Other symptoms can be nausea, disorientation and possibly memory loss. As mentioned by scientists “ A brain tumor takes up space within the skull and can interfere with the normal brain activity. It can increase pressure in the brain, shift the brain or push it against the skull, and/or invade and damage nerves and healthy brain tissue.” A brain tumor is diagnosed in more then on way. The most common are brain scans which is pictures of the internal structure of the brain. A specialized machine takes a scan much like a

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