Brain Rejuvenation Persuasive Essay

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Paul Giulio 5/2/12 PHI100 Professor Kroll Letter to Dr. Mathews Dear Dr. Mathews, I have recently heard of your latest medical operation in which you perform body transplants, this new technology is very exciting. I believe body transplants could be a very helpful medical procedure and will ultimately end up saving many lives. However, your newest medical procedure, brain rejuvenation is an extremely risky operation that could lead to false identification and lack of uniqueness in the world. You have already had the procedure successfully passed by the committee, but I would like to point out issues with the brain rejuvenation process that might not have been thought about. First I would like to point out your view in the case of…show more content…
Brain rejuvenation is a process where you make a replica brain of the one that a person already possesses. My issue with this has to do with the duplication problem. Simply put, the duplication problem states that someone with the ability or technology to duplicate brains would be able to make more than one brain and there could eventually be more than one Nick on earth. This kills the idea of individualism and the concept of there being only one unique Nick on earth, and it is also impossible because there cannot be more than one Nick. Brain rejuvenation is not ethical especially compared to the first medical procedure you performed on Julia North. Julia North was given a fair opportunity to live by having her brain placed in a noter person's body. However, when you want to construct a brain that is the exact same as the original brain of a person and replace it with the old brain, I believe this is very unethical. If you were to make more replicas of Nick's brain and put them in other people's bodies then there would be more than one Nick, which is impossible and unethical because it should not be possible to have this issue in the first place. Therefore I believe you and the committee need to reconsider your decision on allowing brain rejuvenation and disallow it. However the revised version of personal identity does solve the duplication problem, but it raises another problem at the same

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