Brain Developement Essay

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When we think of school we generally thing of pencils, paper, books, reading and learning, but how about what is underneath that? When we look back to our middle school and high school days we remember learning many different things. How about when faced with adversity, how well would we learn? For non-learning-disabled children and teenagers, it can be difficult to understand the needs of a child with disabilities. In a recent quest to gain understanding, we as psychology students were asked to partake in an experiment to ‘experience firsthand’ the feeling of having learning problems. In this particular exercise, it is explained that we as learners will do a few activities in attention, reading, writing, or mathematics problems to understand what it may be like to have a learning disability. In an activity to measure the quality of attention, we are asked to read a passage and answer questions based on what we comprehended. “The ability to focus on a reading assignment and understand its content is critical to successful independent reading. But busy classrooms are seldom optimal for a student's concentration” (Educational, 2002).To further understand what might hinder a concentration, the activity has a passage to read, but as you are reading it fades in and out with images behind it and they move, thus distracting you from the words and you break concentration. I got only 1 out of 3 correct, which isn’t too bad according to this test. But, it proposes a question: What would happen if it was more complex or a math problem? It would be very difficult to read, making learning difficult. Children with learning difficulties face this problem every day. To better understand reading and how a child with learning difficulties would read it, there was an activity where we had to read a paragraph. At first this does not sound very hard, in fact we do that all the

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