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Brain And Cranial Nerves Essay

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Below is an essay on "Brain And Cranial Nerves" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1 Olfactory Nerve:
- Smell
- aNOSMia (loss of smell)
2. Optic Nerve
- Vision
- aNOpSia (loss of sight)
3. Oculomotor Nerve
- controls a group of eye muscle responsible for movement of the eyeball and eyelid.
- Accommodation of lens for near vision (ability to change shape)
- Constriction of the pupils
- Strabismus (condition in which the eyes aren’t properly aligned with each other aka lazy eye)
- Diplopia (double vision)
- Ptosis (droopy eyelid)
4. Trochlear Nerve
- Controls the superior oblique muscle (involved with movement of the eyelids)
- Strabismus, diplopia
5. Trigeminal Nerve
- Supplies chewing muscles (muscle of mastication)
- Sensation to the face
- Loss of muscle function, loss of facial sensation
- Trigeminal neuralgia: has a trigger point in or around the mouth, when touched elicits the pain response in some other part of the face.
6. Abducent Nerve
- Controls lateral rectus muscle
- Strabismus, diplopia
7.   Facial
- Supplies muscles of facial expression
- Supplies taste to anterior 2/3 of tongue
- Facial (Bell’s) palsy
8. Vestibulocochlear
- Equilibrium
- Hearing
- Vertigo/tinnitus
9. Glossopharangeal
- Taste on posterior 1/3 of tongue
- Sensation to throat
- Supplies muscles involving with swallowing
- Loss of taste, difficulty swallowing, decrease in sensation in throat
- Sensation to throat
- Supples muscles involved with swallowing
- Carries parasympathetic info to thorax and abdomen
- Decreased sensation to throat, difficulty swallowing, loss of PS functions in thorax and abs.
11. Accessory/ Spinal
- Supplies the traps and sternocleidomastoid muscles
- loss of muscle function
12. Hypoglossal
- supplies muscles responsible for movement of tongue
- difficulty chewing, speaking, and swallowing.

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