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Memory Our brain In humans once our brain shuts down our time is out, that being said our brain is the most important body part. The brains is how we remember being three and putting a hand on the stove top and know to never repeat that action again, but how do we remember? Why do some memories stick out? Remembering blowing out birthday candles is much sharper then blowing put everyday candles, why? Never do we remember getting our first bath or playdate. Is there a way to recall these first few years of our lives? Every night we dream but we remember so few and sometimes not even one. Dreams fill the hours our brain rests and resets for the next day. Sleep is a time for the brain to reset but in some studies it’s been said to help consolidate memory, in more scientific words “Sleep affects memory consolidation, but in a complex way: Procedural memory benefits from both REM/late sleep and NREM/early sleep, but episodic memory only benefits from NREM/early sleep.’’(Payne, Nadel) To understand all this medical talk here is an explanation on the different memory systems “episodic memory, the memory for personal experience; semantic memory, the memory for general knowledge; and procedural memory, the memory for skills and unconscious forms of memory.’’(Lindley/Schacter) So far there has been no breakthrough for ways to make it easier or guaranteed to remember your dreams in the morning but, there is a debate over people who wake up throughout the night remembering more of their dreams then those who sleep through the night. The first memory system episodic is where memories like blowing put your tenth birthday cake candles, falling off your bike, graduations and other events of that nature go. Everyday events like shutting off the lights and blowing out the candles before you go to bed, or grabbing your keys before leaving the house is processed

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