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The corpus callosum is a bundle of fibers that connects the two halves of the brain. When the bundle of fibers are cut it can either be a significant change or a little noticeable. It is said that it depends on the person’s brain and past experiences before they cut it out. It can be cut out either surgically or it can be a result of an injury. These people are mostly able to go about normal lives, because most information comes in through both eyes. Whichever part of the brain can deal with the information coming in, does deal with it, and the other side doesn't need to bother. One patient that had their brain split in two that survived said that things can get a little interesting. He reported that left hand hated his wife while his right loved her. He said that the left side of his body tried to slap at his wife while the right side held it back. His wife was thoroughly terrified when this happened but with patients they adjusted quickly. Another patient that survived said that his left side of his brain wanted to be a draftsman and his right side of his brain wanted to be a race car driver. A patient in another article said that one hand wanted to dress while the other hand wanted to undress. This patient said it was a very distracting time in his life as nothing he has ever experienced before. There are many different cases, Such as feelings and emotions. More tellingly, an experiment was devised in which split brained patients were asked about their feelings. One man was asked how he felt about a memory of being bullied as a child. The left brain was indifferent. The right brain was still angry. Another was asked how he felt about himself. His right brain liked him. His left brain thought he wasn't good enough. When we have conflicting feelings about ourselves, we might simply be getting a big mash of different perceptions from each of the two hemispheres of

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