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This benchmarking panel study on brain-computer interfaces had broad sponsorship from the U.S. Government agencies and private organizations listed on the inside front cover of the report; it was organized by the World Technology Evaluation Center (WTEC). As the lead sponsoring program director for this study, I present this final report to the global brain-computer interface community on behalf of all the study participants and sponsors. This has been an informative, productive journey for all involved in the study. I would like to start by thanking those who contributed so much to this final product. First, many thanks go to the panel chair, Ted Berger, and to all of the BCI panelists: John Chapin, Greg Gerhardt, Dennis McFarland, José Principe, Dawn Taylor, Patrick Tresco, and Walid Soussou (associate panelist). Next, our thanks go to the numerous eminent researchers from around the world whose input is a fundamental merit of this study. Gary Birch, John Donoghue, Daryl Kipke, Dan Moran, Richard A. Normann, David A. Putz, Andrew B. Schwartz, William Shain, and Krishna V. Shenoy presented at our North American BCI workshop on February 27, 2006. Twenty-seven leading institutions in Europe and Asia hosted panelists during site visits in May and October 2006. We are deeply grateful to all of those institutions and the many individuals who so generously shared their work and their insights with the panel. My personal thanks go to Mike Reischman, Lynn Preston, and Bruce Hamilton of NSF for supporting this idea and for co-funding this study with me from the beginning. I also thank the following government colleagues for co-sponsoring this study: Ephraim Glinert (NSF/CISE), Joseph Pancrazio (NIH/NINDS), Kenneth Curley (TATRC), and Grace Peng (NIH/NIBIB). Two non-governmental organizations contributed funds to the study; I appreciate the support of

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