Bradstreet vs. Mather Essay

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Emine Gökçe TOPÇU 07140000487 Thesis Statement: Although Anne Bradstreet and Cotton Mather were both Puritan, they had differences such as writing style, subject matter and tone in their writing. BRADSTREET vs. MATHER The Puritans had a significant cultural and political impact on early American literature. In the Puritan era, Anne Bradstreet and Cotton Mather were both staunch Puritan believers. The same Puritan values underlined the thinking of both but there were many differences in their style, subject matter, and tone in their writing. Firstly, Bradstreet was the first woman poet in America who wrote of everyday experiences in terms of her deep belief in a loving God. Bradstreet wrote in plain style, the primary writing method of her time. Plain style uses direct, simple words and phrases rather than ornate figurative language. Her work was structured formally as in clear rhyming patterns and rhythms. Bradstreet’s greatest inspiration came from her religion. Her poetry was primarily personal in terms of content devotional/spiritual and emotional reflections. Anne Bradstreet was very devoted to her family, and she often wrote verses to and about them. The themes in her poets were Puritanism, motherhood, nature, feminism, sickness and death. Bradstreet's tone could be described as personal, humble, modest and soft. She had won critical for her poetry, which is less derivative and often deeply personal. On the other hand, Cotton Mather's style was usually characterized by his use of ornate, elegant language and his frequent use of allusions, which were short references to literary works or figures, places, or events from history or mythology. Mather wrote in pedantic style. Pedantic style is writing which sounds unnecessarily detailed or like someone is trying to sound very smart. He wrote on subjects as varied as the trials, the weather, children,

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