Braces Essay

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It all started out on a lovely day last year. But, it did not turn out so lovely. The good thing about it was that I got to miss half a day of school. Half a day! So, there I was eleven o’clock in the morning and good-bye social studies. The sun was shining brightly as my mom drove away from the school. But as we got close to –the office- a dark cloud began to hide the sun from me. That was the beginning of a life of torture… I got braces See? Here they are, still sitting on my teeth. Just waiting for an opportunity to make my life miserable. You know rubber bands, the things that hold newspapers together. NEWS FLASH! They are not supposed to hold teeth together. And, by the way, have you ever tried playing the trumpet with braces? NO! DON’T! It’s not fun. I used to get all the solos, I was first chair, I was teachers pet... until I got braces. Now, I can barely squeak a note. It’s not just music that is annoying with braces. Food is too. There is a huge laundry list that I can’t have, [well I shouldn’t have] . There is pretzels, Doritos, nuts, bagels, and gum. Gum is a HUGE felony in orthodontics. But, am I going to give up my favorite foods for orthodontics. NO! I break the rules. I am a regular rebel. Well, an orthodontics rebel. My Dad says it will all be worth it when my teeth are straight and perfect. Personally, I thought my teeth were fine just crooked. They gave me character. Who wants to be perfect anyway? … … … Yeah, I thought
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