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Bra Boys: A Victimized Brotherhood A Misunderstood Lifestyle at the birth of Australia’s Modern Surf Culture The 2007 documentary Bra Boys: Blood is Thicker than Water reveals the three Abberton brothers, Sunny, Jai and Koby in an attempt to re-write their past of social and political injustice and their misinterpreted lifestyle. Sunny, the older brother and director of the film has shown us their life behind the cameras in an attempt to see them in a more positive light; a family and a brotherhood. This documentary reveals the united cohort of the Bra Boy’s proving to us that they have been wrongly judged because of their past and their attempt to re-write their image in society. The film details the Abberton brothers’ attempts to…show more content…
Heavy metal music is used to show to the intensity of Koby’s big wave surfing and his extreme passion for ‘living life on the edge’. This music is also evident in the stunts and crazy things that the Boys do in their spare time. We see a clear change when relaxed tracks are used to show their love for Ma and her commitment and dedication to all members of the gang. Footage of their encouragement for the younger community to use the beach is shown to help us see a more kind and caring side of the Boys. Their nurturing of a young boy called Jessie Polock and the trust that his mother gives the Abberton Brothers proves to us that there are members in the community that believe that their intentions are good and respectable. “I would trust them with my life” says Jessie’s mother who is a true believer in their intentions to help teach Jessie that the beach can be his saviour. Bra Boys: Blood is Thicker than Water, has exposed the social injustice behind the Bra Boys lifestyle. It is clear that the director, Sunny Abberton has re-written his brothers’ image and changed the way the society and the media has stereotyped them. They are a family, a livelihood and brotherhood that prove that blood is thicker than water and despite their victimized pasts, can conquer and fight any wave or trouble that comes their

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