Bp Oil Solution

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Through the events of the BP Oil Spill, I believe there are multiple methods on cleaning the oil spills efficiently and safely. Since there have been many ways to clear up oil some possible methods may be to contain the crude oil into one area and work towards absorbing and skimming it off of the surface. Since there are millions of gallons of crude oil in such a large span of ocean, the best way to start removing it would be to contain as much of it into one area as possible. To start effectively with this process of removing oil, beginning with a dispersant is a good way to start. Since a dispersant is able to break down and separate oil from other areas it will be able to get the oil out into the open or to any area you would choose to contain it. Dispersants similar to dish soap will be very beneficial. The use of skimmers would follow after the dispersants have taken affect. Objects similar to long cardboard that would be able to move the oil into a large bubble without actually making the oil disperse out should be use. Once as much oil is contained into a large blob in one area the next best step is to block it off and prevent it from being able to leave. You would use a boom around the entire area with no space. The boom best to use would be similar to a straw. Straws easily float on the surface of a liquid and prevent anything on top off the water surface from passing. The plus side of using a boom similar to a straw it won’t be able to soak up any of the oil and retransmit it. After the oil is finally in one area and actually blocked off, an absorber is the actual safe and best way to soak up the oil occupying the ocean. Absorbers similar to a piece of paper towel and even cotton ball are very efficient. When you use an absorber to collect to oil, it is best to place it actually on top of the oil to avoid soaking up anything else. This will efficiently

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