Bp Deepwater Case Study

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Where’s Our Fifth presents BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Analysis Where’ Our Fifth BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Analysis Table of Contents Page Section I: Introduction 3 Section II: Collecting Data 6 Section III: Texas City Explosion 8 Section IV: Gulf of Mexico Spill 14 Section V: Description and Analysis of the Initiative 22 Section VI: Evaluation of the Initiative 28 Section VII: Conclusion 30 Appendix I 32 References I. Introduction On April 20th, 2010, the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon Drilling Rig exploded, causing the deaths of 11 workers and the largest oil spill in United States history. The explosion was the latest in a series of costly and damaging blunders that has plagued the rapidly growing company. Environmentalists are still not sure how many years it will take to clean up the entire mess and the effect that so much oil will have on the Gulf of Mexico and coastal ecosystems. Executive orders along with legislation are a response to the event. BP dismissed their Chief Executive Officer after suffering from a media communications nightmare. World outcry to boycott BP service stations is only one out of several backlashes that face BP. BP is being made an example of and other companies are taking note and improving the way they conduct business. It is necessary for the reader to understand what went wrong in order to get a good understanding on the event that will be referred to often in the many years to come. Most importantly, our analysis tries to figure out what went wrong within the organization and also attempts to make recommendations to BP. Perhaps BP or other oil-producing companies will learn from this analysis and be able to prevent similar disasters in the future. BP is the third largest energy company and is headquartered

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