Boyz N The Hood

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Boyz N the Hood (1991) is an influential film by Jon Singleton exploring issues and identity and race within a black community. Jon Singleton, who grew up in the ’hood’, directs Boyz N the hood considering the tensions created by lack of respect and focuses on the tensions between female and male characters. He also portrays the black American community in a very honest manner having grown up in the community himself. Another focus throughout the film is significance of guns, cars, costume and music. It closely focuses on what these signify from a character within the production. Boyz N the Hood also makes a strong political statement clear even in contemporary society seventeen years after the productions release. Boyz N the Hood creates tensions between male and female characters throughout. The tensions are created by the lack of respect shown by the majority of males within Boyz N the Hood, constantly being address as ‘bitches’ or ‘whores’ the female characters are represented as being very despondent to this labelling by there male friends. The audience get the feeling that this lack of respect comes from the characters that didn’t grow up with a father figure. The audience observe that Dough Boy (Ice Cube) who is also the least responsible and is represented as a character in trouble, in and out of prison, dealing drugs is the main character that shows disrespect to females. Dough Boy’s disrespect is linked with his lack of responsibility throughout the entire production, even after his brother is killed through a confrontation created by him he still exclaims ‘I didn’t do nothin’, a catchphrase that is commonly heard coming from Dough Boy giving the audience a feeling of his unwillingness to accept responsibility for his actions. The purpose of the tension created between the male and female characters of this production is to give the audiences a feeling

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