Boys vs Girls Essay

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The Bias preference of a child’s gender influences the double standard of our society If Americans could have only one child, they would prefer that it be a boy rather than a girl, by a 40% to 28% margin. The attitudes of American men drive the overall preference for a boy. American women do not have a proportionate preference for girls. Instead, women show essentially no preference either way: 31% say they would prefer a boy and 33% would prefer a girl. People automatically assume that raising a male child is easy when in actuality it can be just as difficult as raising a female. The real-world implications of gender-preference attitudes in some countries around the world are profound. A recent review article in the Philadelphia Inquirer pointed out that the preference for boys over girls is beginning to tilt the gender balance worldwide, a demographic shift that will have major consequences in the decades ahead. The potential impact of attitudes about the preferred gender of one's child has increased in recent years because various techniques for prenatal sex selection have become more widely available -- including ways of detecting the gender of a fetus early in the gestation process, and the increasing technological ability to select the sex of a child using in vitro and artificial insemination procedure. Prospective adoptive parents found a big quantifiable preference for girls. A team of CalTech economists found, looking at one online adoption agency over a five-year period, that girls were one-third more likely to attract the attention of adoptive parents than boys. Parents were willing to pay $16,000 more in finalization costs to adopt a girl than a boy. The discrimination and double standards of parenting are ridiculous. A child should be raised upon morals and values rather than your preference for shopping for a ball instead of a doll. I believe the

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